Our Mission/History


It is the passion and desire of the entire Benigna's Creek family, to bring to you the highest quality wine possible at a price that is affordable. Great wines can be produced all over the world, from the Champagne Province, to the Napa Valley, to the southern Australian Regions. As our international awards prove, great wines also can come from a small winery in the Mahantongo Valley. Our wines are very approachable and fun to drink. We have created styles of wine that complement food as well as social events.


You, our customer, are the ultimate judge of our efforts. Our philosophy of wine is for everyday enjoyment, in moderation, not just for special occasions.
With that in mind, producing a high quality and affordable wine will always be our goal. We will never rest on our laurels. We will always try to make our wines better for you. We realize that our success will be rooted in the excellence of our wines.
We have started a life long journey of making great wine. If you have never tasted our wines, we invite you to start today.