What makes us different?
Our approach to wine making is a combination of science and art. We use science to assure quality and consistency. We use art to make wine that is unique to our winery.

We believe that if you start with high quality ingredients, high quality wine is the result. We use only the highest quality fruit and juice to make our wines. We do not cut corners when it comes to making wine. Fruit wines are pure fruit, not a flavored grape wine. Our wines have low sulfates and no preservatives. All wines are judged for faults and corrected in the cellar.
Sanitation is the most important element in our wine making process. Our winery is clean - very clean. We do not subscribe to the idea that a little dirt adds character to a wine. We believe proper sanitation is a fundamental part of creating excellence in the winery.
Our approach to making wine entails a life long commitment to learning more about growing grapes and making great wine. We always can learn more and we always are learning new details to make our wines better.
We believe that wine is something for all adults - to enjoy in moderation, making life itself better. We strive constantly to bring a high quality product at a price that people can afford to use in everyday life.
We support and give back to the local community. Our store locations employ locally hired staff. In the fall, we employ many of our neighbors to pick the grapes. And we are partners with local chapters of the American Cancer Society Relay for Life teams in the fight against cancer.
Last but not least we are a family of Christians, who see God at work in our lives and this whole grape stomping, wine making adventure we call Benigna’s Creek.