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Chambourcin Reserve - dry red - a full-bodied Red wine with overtones of a rich chocolate finish. Deep dark cherry with ripe currants flowing over your tongue. A three year old that is just hitting its stride. Tannins are well structured and soft on the palate. Enjoy this wine with lamb, pork, and beef or just to enjoy a great barrel aged red.
Chambourcin dry red - a younger version of the Reserve. This wine is all about the fruit. No oak and all the character of the Chambourcin grape. Fresh cherries and ripe black berries flood your palate with flavor. Tannins are soft and are solid from front to back on the palate. This wine is a delight to drink. Enjoy Chambourcin with pork and beef. It is so good; create a reason to enjoy it.

Blanc Reserve

- off dry white - a daughter to the grape Gewürztraminer this wine has all the character of a Gerwurzt. The deep spicy finish and beautiful floral bouquet of Traminette makes it a delight to drink. Enjoy this wine with any dish that has heat from spices.

Hessian Red - semi sweet red - a big and bold red with a deep red pool of color. If you are looking for a dark red and you do not drink dry wines, this is the wine for you. Ripe plum and hints of black raspberry roll over your tongue making this a customer favorite. Enjoy this wine with beef and pork or any red sauce pasta.
Tulpehocken Blush - semi sweet blush - Tulpehocken Blush is for all those white zinfandel drinkers looking for a similar wine, light and refreshing. Tulpehocken Blush goes well with Italian and chicken dishes and the front porch on a cool summers eve.
Benigna’s Tears - semi sweet white - made from the Cayuga White grape, this wine is flavor in over drive. Rich tropical fruit flavors with hints of ripe pears flood your palate. The nose is complex with an abundance of fruit. If you like a light Riesling, this is the wine for you. Enjoy this wine with any poultry or fish dish.

Delicioso Sol - semi sweet white - made from our award winning vidal blanc grape, this wine is a delightfully aromatic wine, loaded with stone fruit aftertones.  Enjoy peaches, apricots, and red ripe plums in the nose.  It is an excellently balanced semi-sweet that will go well with any white sauce pasta dinner. 

Benigna's Red - sweet red - a customer favorite made from the Concord grape. This wine is our top selling wine. It has great balance and a crisp pleasant finish even though it is a sweet wine. This is a wonderful sipping wine to enjoy any time and anywhere. Enjoy this wine with friends and family, with good times and happy occasions. Makes a great Sangria.

Benigna's Blush - sweet rosé - a summer favorite made from the Steuben grape. A light refreshing wine with strong grape aromatics and a definitely noticable nose.

Delight - sweet blush - a bright and crisp blush with a refreshing citrus finish, with hints of cherry and plum.

Liberty White - sweet white - made from the Catawba grape, this wine is a crowd pleaser. A deep tropical nose with an abundance of ripe fruit flavors straight from the islands. We put the wine through a special process in the cellar that removes the pink color from the wine. This releases a torrent of flavor and aromas. A wonderful sit down and relax wine. Great for any social occasion.
Niagara - sweet white - made from the Niagara grape, this wine tastes like a fresh grape from the arbor in the backyard. A full and robust nose that brings back times long past. The grape of our youth makes a wine that is an eternal favorite. A clean crisp finish and excellent balance sets ours apart. A great sipping wine to enjoy in any social setting.
Sunshine - sweet white - made from the Vidal grape, this is a complex wine that brings so much to your palate. Pineapple, peach, and citrus flavor with a unique nutmeg finish. Ripe tropical fruit on the nose. Well balanced with a distinct and lingering finish. Good with seafood and poultry.
Belle - sweet white - a light and fruity taste makes it a perfect way to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. This wine goes well with your favorite dessert or any time you need to sit down and unwind.


Strawberry - sweet fruit - made completely from strawberries, this is our flagship fruit wine. Simply put it tastes like a fresh ripe juicy strawberry right out of the garden. We cannot make enough to meet demand. It pays to buy early and to buy allot. Released in January of each year it sells out by mid to late summer each year. A simple and delicious treat is this wine with your favorite chocolate. A piece of heaven comes to earth.
Blueberry - sweet fruit - made completely from blueberries, this wine has a wonderful blueberry nose and a nice lingering blue berry finish. It ages well and is a delight years down the road. A nice sipping wine and great companion to any dessert.
Peach - sweet fruit - made completely from peaches, this wine is a delicate fruit wine. Very soft on the tongue with good acid balance. A soft and pleasant wine that is nice to relax with at the end of a long day. Good with peach cobbler or any light dessert.
Blackberry - sweet fruit - made completely from blackberries, this wine is full-bodied and packed with blackberry flavor. Well structured with good acid balance. A wonderful sipping wine on a cold winter’s night or a pleasant summer’s eve. Chocolate cake and a glass of Blackberry wine is hard to beat.
Berry Blitz - sweet fruit - a blend of berry and grape wines. Over flowing with intense berry flavors, it is easy to see why this is our second most popular fruit wine behind Strawberry. Blitz is always what is left over at the end of bottling. Always different, always terrific. Great as a spritzer.
Black Raspberry - sweet fruit - made completely from black raspberries, this wine is filled with black raspberry flavor. Its’ distinct nose and balanced flavors makes this wine a pleasure to drink. Good with a berry dessert or with your favorite chocolate.
Spice - sweet grape - we take a white wine and add cloves and cinnamon with a touch of vanilla. This wine says start the harvest and bring on the holidays. A delight either hot or cold. Nothing chases the cold like a warm glass of Spice wine. A definite sipping wine perfect for the holidays or anytime you want to bring back holiday memories.
Late Harvest - sweet white - made with the Vidal grape, we allow this grape to hang until the middle of December. When we harvest them, the grapes have shrunk in volume, concentrating the flavors. Rich ripe apricot and ripe pineapple burst on your palate. It has a finish that is clean and crisp. High in sugar but nicely balanced making Late Harvest something special. A dessert all by itself
What’s in a Name?
Benigna's Creek - link to History of Our Name
Tulpehocken Blush – Its name comes from a local Native American word, which means Land of Many Turtles. The Tulpehocken Trail, which passes by the vineyard, is a historical trail in Pennsylvania.

Hessian Red
– During the Revolutionary War, the British purchased the services of 30,000 German soldiers. Over half of these soldiers came from Hesse Cassel and came to be called Hessians. Hessian soldiers lived along Benigna’s Creek.
Benigna's Tears - When Benigna was sixteen years old, her father returned to Bavaria and she stayed here in America, in Bethlehem, PA. The name and label was designed to remember this departure.
 Late Harvest – A name given to wines made from grapes left on the vine longer than usual. Our late harvest is usually the middle of December. At that point the grapes have been through a few frosts, but not a continuous freeze. Late harvest grapes have been naturally dehydrated while on the vine. The juice remaining in the grape is approximately one-fourth of the normal yield.